Episode 3

Episode 3: Joe Deninzon on Creativity, Inspiration, and Forging a Path with Electric Violin

Published on: 21st May, 2023

A very fun conversation with electric rock and jazz violinist Joe Deninzon, lead singer and violinist for the band Stratospheerius, and a teacher and performer with several decades of experience. We discuss moving between genres, taking risks in improvisation, and much more...

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- Joe Deninzon's website: https://joedeninzon.com

- Newest release - Behind the Curtain CD and DVD: https://bit.ly/423TVW9

- May 31st, 2023 Concert at Iridium in NYC: https://bit.ly/42Xu6Zk

- Sweet Plantain String Quartet: https://sweetplantain.com

- New single video, "One Foot in the Next World" - https://youtu.be/riBWgHo3MgE


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Ending music: "Mending Wall Set" by JoAnna Farrer - https://spoti.fi/3mlFYEy

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